Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hi Everyone Out There.
I am a mom with a son and daughter. I love being a mom!
When I first became a mom I learned that my mom knew a lot more then I ever thought and that I had a lot to learn.
I also learned that my strong background with children had taught me a great deal more about child rearing then I ever thought. Many friends would ask me for advice and quite often I knew the answers.
When I had my second child, I realized that I needed to share what a knew with other new moms. I could not believe the basic things that other moms had no clue about.
Also, I could not believe how many first time moms were in the dark about what to expect after the baby come out. For example: with their body, or how to get simple gas out of their baby!

I was so lucky my mom was brutally honest with me. I am a planner. If I had not been aware of these things, I would have went into a depression!
I can't wait to get started...

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