Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Award!

I never really win anything but turned on my computer yesterday and discovered that another lovely blogger gave me an award. I have to send this award to others in the future (so I really have to spend a bit more time blogging and reading).
Thank you so much!
I feel like I write this just to keep these ideas fresh but it is exciting that I may actually be helping someone.
I received the award from
I could not find her button to paste it on my site. So check her out!

Beaba Baby Cook

This is the best thing ever. I made fun of everyone that had it because I thought I had no time to actually make baby food. This machine takes less time then actually cooking! It has actually come in more handy for my toddler because he does not want to eat his veggies. I can steam just about anything and mash it into his pasta and he is eating it.

My baby is the worst eater I have ever encountered. I literally just throw whatever we are eating into this machine and steam it for her. Then I chop it into little pieces. You could bled it and the food comes out great but my daughter will not eat any blended food.

You should buy this if you have kids!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thumb Sucking

A mom recently asked me if I had any advice on thumb sucking. I did not have much to offer her, so I decided to do a little research on this topic. I came up with a few OK articles and 1 product based on many reviews, that looks like it works.

(You can buy all of these on amazon.com)
Mavala Stop- this looks like it may actually work

Thum liquid- the reviews don't look that great

Thumbusters- your child has to wear this and I know mine would never. So I don't see this being a very good product.

A good book to read to your child is "the Berenstain Bears & the Bad Habit" by Stan & Jan Berenstain

Good luck to those of you that want/need to stop this behavior.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


All babies can use some type of sunblock. Even with sunblock I would still not put a really young child in direct sun for a long time.

New babies under 6 mons of age can use clinque sunblock that you buy in a department store. It is one of the few gentle enough.
Babies over 6 mons can use any baby sunblock that is for babies. Make sure it says tear free!

I found blue lizard to work the best for my toddler, even in the islands during the winter. He didn't even get pink cheeks, in the direct sun all day.
I also love the neutrogena spray sunblock for my toddler and the California baby sunblock stick for his face.

For my baby I used clinique this summer and sometimes babyblanket. I like the clinique stick on her face and I also used the California baby stick on her as well.

Diaper Rash

So for the last month my family has all taken a turn having an awful cold. Each one of use has needed antibiotics for it. It sucked!

Along with the cold my daughter had had a small diaper rash. She had this from teething I think. I learned that when you already have a diaper rash from teething and you go on antibiotics, this usually makes the rash about 100 times worse. Almost like a woman's yeast infection. The original rash had small circular dots, which is usually a yeast type of rash because teething changes the ph in urine. You can use lotrimin (the athletes foot cream) for this.
After the meds my daughter needed a prescription diaper cream that did not work, and then a burn cream called silver nitrate to clear the rash and it still took a week.

The moral of the story....if your child gets a diaper rash that has spots seek lotrimin, if it doesn't clear up in a few days, see a doctor.