Wednesday, September 1, 2010


All babies can use some type of sunblock. Even with sunblock I would still not put a really young child in direct sun for a long time.

New babies under 6 mons of age can use clinque sunblock that you buy in a department store. It is one of the few gentle enough.
Babies over 6 mons can use any baby sunblock that is for babies. Make sure it says tear free!

I found blue lizard to work the best for my toddler, even in the islands during the winter. He didn't even get pink cheeks, in the direct sun all day.
I also love the neutrogena spray sunblock for my toddler and the California baby sunblock stick for his face.

For my baby I used clinique this summer and sometimes babyblanket. I like the clinique stick on her face and I also used the California baby stick on her as well.

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