Saturday, October 2, 2010

Exersaucer VS. Jump-A-Roo

The Baby Einstein Exersaucer VS The Rainforest Jump-A-Roo

I have both and like them both. However, I have started both of my kids with them between the ages of 5 months and 6 months. They both seem equal at this point in time. Both do an equal job.

Once the baby learns to jump, the Jump-A-Roo seems to be a favorite of parents because it tires the baby out.

Now that my daughter is 9 months old, she will still go in the Jump-A-Roo but will not let me put her down in the Exersaucer. I think because she can't move around except for the circle. Many of my friends tell me the same thing.

So If you have to pick one, (because they are both pretty large), I would go for the Jump-A-Roo!

I have the brands above and am pretty happy with my picks. I tend to like the full jumpers and not the ones that go in the doorway because they have toys. There are a lot of brands and they are all similar.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Award!

I never really win anything but turned on my computer yesterday and discovered that another lovely blogger gave me an award. I have to send this award to others in the future (so I really have to spend a bit more time blogging and reading).
Thank you so much!
I feel like I write this just to keep these ideas fresh but it is exciting that I may actually be helping someone.
I received the award from
I could not find her button to paste it on my site. So check her out!

Beaba Baby Cook

This is the best thing ever. I made fun of everyone that had it because I thought I had no time to actually make baby food. This machine takes less time then actually cooking! It has actually come in more handy for my toddler because he does not want to eat his veggies. I can steam just about anything and mash it into his pasta and he is eating it.

My baby is the worst eater I have ever encountered. I literally just throw whatever we are eating into this machine and steam it for her. Then I chop it into little pieces. You could bled it and the food comes out great but my daughter will not eat any blended food.

You should buy this if you have kids!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thumb Sucking

A mom recently asked me if I had any advice on thumb sucking. I did not have much to offer her, so I decided to do a little research on this topic. I came up with a few OK articles and 1 product based on many reviews, that looks like it works.

(You can buy all of these on
Mavala Stop- this looks like it may actually work

Thum liquid- the reviews don't look that great

Thumbusters- your child has to wear this and I know mine would never. So I don't see this being a very good product.

A good book to read to your child is "the Berenstain Bears & the Bad Habit" by Stan & Jan Berenstain

Good luck to those of you that want/need to stop this behavior.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


All babies can use some type of sunblock. Even with sunblock I would still not put a really young child in direct sun for a long time.

New babies under 6 mons of age can use clinque sunblock that you buy in a department store. It is one of the few gentle enough.
Babies over 6 mons can use any baby sunblock that is for babies. Make sure it says tear free!

I found blue lizard to work the best for my toddler, even in the islands during the winter. He didn't even get pink cheeks, in the direct sun all day.
I also love the neutrogena spray sunblock for my toddler and the California baby sunblock stick for his face.

For my baby I used clinique this summer and sometimes babyblanket. I like the clinique stick on her face and I also used the California baby stick on her as well.

Diaper Rash

So for the last month my family has all taken a turn having an awful cold. Each one of use has needed antibiotics for it. It sucked!

Along with the cold my daughter had had a small diaper rash. She had this from teething I think. I learned that when you already have a diaper rash from teething and you go on antibiotics, this usually makes the rash about 100 times worse. Almost like a woman's yeast infection. The original rash had small circular dots, which is usually a yeast type of rash because teething changes the ph in urine. You can use lotrimin (the athletes foot cream) for this.
After the meds my daughter needed a prescription diaper cream that did not work, and then a burn cream called silver nitrate to clear the rash and it still took a week.

The moral of the story....if your child gets a diaper rash that has spots seek lotrimin, if it doesn't clear up in a few days, see a doctor.

Friday, August 13, 2010


I have always burped my kids by tapping their backs like any other typical mom. My son burped so easily and when my daughter came along she did burp but it took a bit longer.
One day my mother fed my daughter as we were talking and then went to burp her. She hadn't burped after 5 minutes so my mom (without saying anything) just started rubbing my daughters back. She did this by holding her like she would if she were going to burp her normally (over the shoulder), then she firm but gently ribbed my daughters back up and down. She burped in less then a minute!
I had never thought of burping this way before. Apparently it works very well for my daughter and she always burps very quickly this way.
I felt like a light bulb went on and that I needed to share this as soon as possible.
I hope it helps someone whose baby is a tough to burp also.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Most babies use them and they are so hard to give up!
I recently has my daughter give up her pacifier (at 7 months) She did pretty well. I took them all away on a Saturday morning because she woke up every hour of Friday night looking for one. That is crazy! No sane person can live like that. More importantly, it is now one less thing for me to remember before we leave the house. She only had a meltdown for her first nap without it. She cried for an hour. The second nap she cried for 5 minutes. And, that was it.

For my son, we got rid of them at 11 months. We used to put ten in his bed and he would always find one. There was even a time when he would fall asleep with 2 in each hand and and 1 in his mouth. Awful! One day we went to the pediatrician ( who thought I should have gotten rid of them around 4 months), and she mentioned me still allowing him to use one. She also mentioned the longer I waited to get rid of it the harder time I was going to have. So that day at nap instead of handing him a pacifier I handed him a lovie, swiped the pacifiers and walk out of the room. He fell asleep just fine for 2 days. Then on the 3rd day at 3am he had a 1 hour and 30 minute meltdown, then it was all over.
He is 3 1/2 and still sleeps with the lovie! I don't care if he wants to take it to college with him. Lol


You can start giving your baby water at 6 mons. At first you are going to think it's a joke. You will give them a sippy of water with each meal. Try not to put the water in a bottle. At 6 mons the baby should be trying and I stress trying (my daughter still will not do this) to eat 3 meals a day. Offer a sippy of water with each meal. Hold it up to their mouth and usually they will chew on the spout. At some point between 6-8mons, they will actually drink water from the cup.
This is a really good lead into cups and breaking your child off a bottle. I throw out all bottles the day my child turns 1.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Feeding Tip

If you breast feed...To get your baby to sleep a bit longer, top them off with a bottle after they have fallen asleep from breast feeding. You can use pumped milk or formula. Sometimes you can get the baby to take an extra ounce or two and that could help the baby push from 4 hours to 6 hours of sleep. Only do this at the bedtime feed!

Some people suggest doing a feed just before you go to bed. It is often called, "A Dream Feed." This works well the first few weeks, however if you do this after the first few weeks the baby begins to use it as a regular feed and depends on it to eat instead of pushing them to last longer. Also, as the baby gets bigger if you wake it up, it may try to stay awake.

I tried very hard to only breast feed and use no formula. It was a task I put onto myself, and made myself feel guilty for even thinking about formula before 6 mons. That was very silly! With my son, it didn't matter what I fed him-he ate. So switching from breast milk to formula was fine. For my daughter, it was so traumatic-she went on a hunger strike for a whole day. After this experience with my daughter, if I were to have another baby and did not want to use formula for a whole feed; I would try to do the topping of at night with formula. This way the baby would be used to the taste.

Every baby is so different, you need to find what works for you.

Newborn, Day & Night Confusion

Many newborns mix up day and night sleep. You can avoid this for the most part but not always altogether. Here are some simple tips: Wake babies (very new ones) in the day to eat.
Never wake them at night!!!!
Do try and play with them, talk to them and be noisy around them in the day.
Have the baby nap during the day in a place other then the night time bed until day and night is 100% established.
Do wake the baby to go out and live life during the day.

Establish a night routine with your baby as soon as possible. A good pattern is to bath baby, dress baby for night with low lights, feed baby in bedroom (maybe sing to baby), burp baby and put in crib asleep or even if baby is still awake! It is never too early for them to learn to put themselves to sleep.
Infants between the age of 0-4 mons generally look to go to bed between 8-10 pm, infants 4 mons and older look to go to bed between 6-8pm, this is their body clock! If you want a nice life don't mess with it until they are older, just so they are awake when your husband gets home from work!
When an infant wakes at night, smell them ( if they did not poop -don't change them!).
DO NOT TALK TO THEM!!!!!!! Try to not even make eye contact.
Do not put the TV on!
Do not take them out of the room that they are to be sleeping in!
Turn on as little light as possible. A nightlight is best!
Feed the baby, burp the baby and put them back in their bed.
If they cry, pick them up and smell them, burp them and put the baby back in bed.
Do not play with the baby!

If the days and nights are badly mixed this could take up to 2 weeks to fix. Otherwise a few days should do the trick.

Always use your mothers intuition! You know your baby best.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


My family just survived our first full blown family illness. This was not fun and very difficult. We all took our turn having a virus. This made me think about the fact that there are a bunch of things that I did not know the first time my son was sick.
FIRST and foremost go out and buy a container of clear pedialyte!!!!!!!!! You always end up needing it in the middle of the night. While your at it make sure you have a good thermometer, Tylenol (or store brand), Motrin (or store brand-if your baby is 6mons or older), a cool mist humidifier, saline nose drops, nasal aspirator and vicks vapor rib

If your baby has a fever-105 or more call your doctor ASAP
Give the baby a dose of tylenol or mortin. Give the baby a warm bath and gradually add cool water. This will help the fever to come down gradually. A cold bath could shock the baby. If the fever does not come down with the 1st dose of meds, you can give both tylenol and motrin but 2 hours apart. My son needed this. His fevers were always so high they needed every trick in the book to come down.

If they throw up-1 time just watch the babies behavior. If they do this 2 times, wait 30 minutes and you can give the baby 1-2 ounces of pedialyte, continue this for several hours so that the baby stays hydrated. After several hours you can most likely give the baby a bigger bottle of pedialyte. Wait 12 hours before giving the baby a milk product again. Do not give the baby food! Although my daughter did enjoy chewing on a teething biscuit at meal times.

If they have diareah-do not give the baby a milk/formula bottle, switch to pedialyte. You can give the baby simple food. Many people say feed them the BRAT diet. B-bananas, R-rice, A-applesauce, T-toast This helps to bind the baby.

If the baby cannot keep anything in for 4-6 hours, you need to call your doctor. The most important thing is that the baby not get dehydrated. You want to avoid a trip to the emergency room!

If the baby is coughing-there is no cough meds to give kids anymore. You can steam them in the bathroom. You turn the shower on hot, put a towel under the door and stay in the bathroom until the water starts dripping down from the ceiling like rain. Usually about 20 minutes! This will moisten the lungs and helps the baby breath and not cough as much. IT SUCKS! YOU GET SOAKED AND YOU ARE COLD WHEN YOU COME OUT OF THE BATHROOM! Make sure the baby is stripped into their diaper before you do this and wrap them in a towel before you come out so that they stay warm. It really works if you do it correctly. Also, make sure that you use a cool mist humidifier and vicks vapor rub is good too when you put them to sleep.

If their nose if congested-lay the baby down on its back, squirt the saline into their nose. Wait about a minute or 2 and you can use the nasal aspirator. Usually you will get a little bit out this way. If you can see stuff in their nose and you cannot get it with the aspirator, you can gently use a Q-tip around the outer edge. That usually gets it out.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Weight After Baby

Many people say it takes nine months to gain it and it takes nine months to loose it! It took me a year to loose it all with my son. It sucked! I did everything and then some to get all the weight off.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I ate better, gained less but 6 months postpartum, I still have 12lbs to go.

I breast fed both of my children for 6 months and people always say when you breast feed the weight melts off.

I am living proof and so are about 10 other moms that I have recently spoken to, the last 10-15lbs do not come off (typically) until after you are done breast feeding. We are pretty sure it is hormones. It is also very hard to cut calories to what you really need to, to get that last bit off.

Breast feed your babies as long as you wish, but just understand that you cannot expect to reclaim your former weight and your former body, until you are done 100%. I have tried it and failed. Be proud to breast feed your children if you choose to and it works for you and baby. Do not knock those that don't! And, don't be hard on yourself to look perfect too quickly. When your all done feeding your baby, you can focus on the rest. You are doing a selfless act!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Waking at Night After 4 Months

You can sleep train your baby at about 4 months of age. Typically when your baby is double their birth weight or some variation. Some people say they need to weigh 12lbs, others say 14lbs. No matter what you read, check with your doctor first. Often this topic comes up at about 4 months.

These are 2 methods and books that I have used. There is no magic answer and all babies are different. They will wake again if something is bothering them! You should be in tune with your baby and their needs. Don't just ignore them and let them cry all the time after they have been sleep trained. Set your own standards and always give into your mother's intuition!

For my son the Ferber method worked really well. I could not imagine that this method would not work for everyone because it came so easy for him. Many people refer to this method as the, "Cry it out!" method. It is and it isn't! This method is letting the baby cry with a plan. You have to be strong and it works really well. My son is 3 and a half, he still sleeps 11 hours a night and naps 2 hours a day.

When I had my daughter, Ferber did not work at all! I used the Weissbluth method. And some Ferber ideas. Weissbluth has a lot to say about post colic children. When I read the chapters on colic, it was as if the chapters were written about my child-specifically.

I suggest that you read both books and take what you can handle to sleep train your baby. You will find it hard at first but be so grateful in the end. My children sleep 10-12 hours a night. They nap every day too! They are always well rested and happy! (Not always perfectly behaved!) My husband calls me the sleep notzie! But a well rested baby makes a happy (well rested) mom.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
by: Marc Weissbluth, M.D.

Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems
by: Richard Ferber, M.D.

Toddler Behavior

I was a teacher for young children, I did my undergraduate thesis on behavior and transitions, my masters is in children psychology, I could not control my son at 15 months. One day I found him standing on the dining room table swatting at the crystal chandelier.

What is a mom to do???
I reached out at this point to all of my new mom friends and learned a few tips. But the best advice I received was to bye and read the book 1,2,3 Magic by Thomas W. Phelan. I have used this book in its form or my own modified form for the last 2 and a half years.

At first my son would not sit for the time outs. So I sat with him on my lap and crossed my arms over his for 1 minute. Eventually he sat for his timeouts. Now he sits in a rocker in his bedroom with an egg timer that he turns off when it beeps.

This has saved my sanity!

Constipation for Babies

Both of my children have had issues with constipation as infants. My son's issues came as he switched from breast milk to formula and my daughter seems to have been born constipated.

My son's issues seemed to be of the more typical kind, he just wasn't going. We tried prune juice and that seemed to work most of the time. The rare occasion that the prune juice did not work we would try a glycerin suppository.

My daughter's issues have been entirely different on the other hand. My daughter was solely breastfed and became constipated. She would go to the bathroom fine for the first half of the day, then she seemed to not go the second half of the day. She would have smelly gas and act like she was trying to push and nothing was coming out. She would not eat, she cried a lot and then when she went it would be like an explosion. Most breastfed kids poop after each feed, especially when they are really small. (I am not sure of the amount for formula fed kids).

The first thing I did was adjust my diet. I tried to drink a lot more water and eat as healthy as possible.
Then we tried: A tea spoon of dark brown sugar and 2 ounces of warn water-that did not work for her.
Next we tried prune juice at 6 weeks of age, 1oz, one time a day. That worked for a short time. Then we added it two times a day, that seemed to work for a while and as she got bigger we increased the amount to 2 ounces twice a day.
On occasion I would still have to give her a suppository.
At 6 months I have had to put her in miralax, this seems to be working at the moment.

She seems to be doing well. I am hoping she grows out of this soon. I guess as far as issues a baby can have, this seems to be no big deal. However when you are living it, these issues are all consuming with a baby that cannot talk. It keeps them and you up at night!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Swaddle or Not to Swaddle

There is no set amount of time to swaddle your baby. Usually the baby lets your know when they are done being swaddled by breaking out of it during the night.
The best swaddle blanket, that holds the tightest and lasts the longest is the Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe. It is better then just using a blanket and stronger then the miracle blanket.

I found out the second time around the reason for swaddleing-they should tell you this before you leave the hospital...
Besides the obvious reasons, making the baby feel safe and warm, like it is still inside.
Swaddleing keeps the babies hands down and controlled. Babies do not have all their reflexes in check when they are born and move while sleeping. Babies tend to actually hit themselves in the face and wake themselves up. When swaddled, they sleep better and longer.
And, don't be afraid to swaddle tightly!

Baby Items, What Do You Really Need?

A good friend of mine was having a baby and she asked me what I loved and thought she really needed. I have pasted the list below because I took great care into really looking at all the items that I actually used and like.

Places to look at besides babies r us:

stroller: city mini by baby jogger (best ever for folding, comfort and everything) city select is also nice, I have that now because it can be a double too! (I have had 5 strollers!)
Changing table
rocking chair or glider
baby hangers
7 a m Enfant, is the best bundle me to go over the stroller because it is good from infant-toddler. All the other ones you have to buy in every size.

Car seat- I have the graco safe seat (infant car seat) and its fine, not too sure of the other ones out there. I also have the (toddler seat) britax marathon, I like that too!
To cover car seat in winter, the best thing ever is called the kiddopotamus posh pouch or cozy up.

You definitely want the Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe, at least 3 of these. You will use it every night when you put the baby to bed.

Swing- I really love the Fisher Price Cradle Swing

Bouncer Seat- Fisher Price infant to Toddler Rocker

Monitor- movement and sound, angel care monitor

If you only have space for one thing, I would get the fisher price jumperoo, over the exersaucer.

I love the prince lionheart wipes warmer.

I like the diaper dikor trash can

Highchair- I love the svenn or the stoke, they are easier to clean and can be used for much longer.

As for pack and play, greco is fine but I actually hate them. You really don't need it unless you want the bassinet part and the changer part. I really like the Phil and Teds traveller bed, very easy to travel with, very small fold up and not heavy at all!

I also like the phil and teds lobster chair to travel with (if you get a squishy placemat you can even put it on a dining room table)

I like born free bottles and sippy cups, and avent passifyers

I would not register for any receiving blankets. I have never used one, especially in the summer. I would actually not register for any blankets bc people will buy them for you anyway.
I bought myself and love the aden and anais muslin blankets and sleep sacs all year!

Best diaper bags are the ones that wipe clean. DanteBeatrix wipes clean, fleurville and so does burberry, there are others but not a lot.

I have the bjorn with back support, it is fine. But a lot of my friends are in love with the ergo baby carrier. They claim it is 100 times better.

I really like the Eurobath, it is good till toddler age.

You need to get sheet savers, 2
Crib mattress pad, 2
At least 4 crib sheets (in case your kids spits up a lot.)
Changing table pad covers, about 3
You need a mobile from about 4 weeks on they can see them. Fisher price and tiny love make good ones.
Fisher price makes great crib toys, the baby can use it from sitting up-any age.
A gym play mat
sleep gowns are great for infant sleeping
packs of onesies
packs of socks--trumpet are so cute
a cool mist humidifier
ear and butt thermometer
diaper cream, I like A&D with and without zinc
nasal aspirator
nail clippers and baby file
medicine dropper and syringe
breast feeding cover
brush and comb
lotion-I love california baby items
baby soap
gripe water
infant tylenal
saline nose drops
medela-pump in style, advanced double electric breast pump
hands free pump bra (at 1800 diapers or online)
lansinoh cream
avent breast pads
breast milk storage bags
crib wedge
sleep sac, you use this instead of a blanket

I didn't use Dreft, I used tide all the time but I do love the smell of method squeeky green baby detergent, now I use that.
I never used a bottle brush. I put everything in the dishwasher.
I really like pampers because the stretch. But huggies overnight diapers when they fit into a size 3.
Huggies wipes, I like the smell and texture

Toddler Potty

I found the best toilet seat ever. I had tried so many for my son and we got pee everywhere. The seats would fall apart after some time, never clean correctly and guests would break them by not noticing that they were there.
The last straw was my 3 year old son, closing the toilet lid and pressing down so hard that the real seat broke off because it does not close over the potty seat.
The seat is called the family seat, from one step ahead. It is awesome! The little seat folds into the big seat. It fits properly on the toilet, so no more pee on the floor!!!!!!!

Your Baby At Week 3, Reflux & Colic

No one had ever told me that your baby seems to wake up at week 3. My son must have been the perfect baby and I did not know it.

When my daughter was 3 weeks old she was out of control. At this point I was too tired to read any of the books on the market and needed information fast. I was sorry I did not take the time before the baby came out to read all the books in Barns and Knoble but who ever has all of that time. I skimmed what I could at this point.
From process of elimination over many weeks we found out that she had both reflux and colic. Lucky Me!!! My pediatrician told me that these two things can begin as early as week three in a babies life.
This is what I learned:

-They have many of the same symptoms

-Reflux happens often and does not mean that your child is spitting up.
They can even just arch their back and make their body stiff and straight.
It does seem to bother them most at night but does affect the baby all day as well.
The baby often keeps trying to eat, they think this makes them feel better.
Also, all babies spit up! A reflux spit up smells like throw up. The baby is usually not a happy spitter.
Sleeping in a swing helps or just upright!
*If you have to put your child on meds for reflux, they are such a big help. If you do prevacid, get the solutabs. They work the best! Give them to the baby when he/she is flat on their back in a syringe. Shake the syringe and squirt a little, shake again and repeat. That is the best way to give the meds and they really do work 100% better then the liquid, the liquid separates and becomes not as effective.

-Colic happens at the same time every day!
Usually in the evening.
Almost nothing that you do will make it better.
You may will feel like you want to throw the baby out the window (this is normal BUT DO NOT DO THAT), so get help from everyone who offers and ask those that don't realize they need to offer.
Your partner should be involved 150%.
If you can afford a baby nurse, that is a big help.
Accept help from all family members and friends that offer.
You will try gripe water, mylicon, getting gas out, feeding, shushing....etc...
Nothing really helps 100% All methods help a little.
*If anyone out there really has a colic baby, let me know. I will give you a bullet point list of ideas to go through each night.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Waking At Night After 18mons

Waking at night happens with children. It happens with adults. Most big people can turn over and fall back to sleep, when we do this often we check the clock. A little person has no idea what time it is, that cannot judge, "Should I go back to sleep?"or "Should I get up and play?"
I first found the teach me time clock. When my son was 17 months he was waking at 3am and trying to play. I had no idea how to teach him that it was still night beside telling him it was night and showing him that it was dark out. A friend told me about this clock. I was not sure it would work because he was so young. I bought it anyway because I was desperate. I spent about a week pointing out every yellow and green thing that I could find to my son, until he knew these colors and began pointing them out to me. Then, I began telling him that green means, "Go!" or "Wake Up!" and yellow means, "Slow Down!" and "Go Back To Sleep!"
At this point I put the clock in my sons bedroom. When he woke at night and I went in, I would first ask him what color his clock was. And he would always tell me yellow. Then I asked what does yellow mean? He would tell me go slow and go back to sleep. Then I would say, you need to go back to sleep until your clock turns green and it means "Go Play!"
I soon had my son sleeping at night and not waking me until his clock turned green.

After a year or so, my son began waking around 6:30am and was very capable of playing safely in his room for a little while. That's when I found the Good Nite Lite. This nite lite changes from a sun to a moon at the times you set it to. I currently have the nite lite changing from a moon to a sun at 6am, and if the sun is up on his nite lite he can play in his room. But he cannot come out of his room until the clock turns green. This is a little much, I realize. But my son is a very busy boy and he is quite smart. He has no problems following this system and I can always stay in bed until 7am. Very exciting!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

New Mom Groups

It is so important to join a, "New Moms Group." I gave two suggested groups in links on the right hand side of this page. One is called Baby Bites and the other is Big City Moms. These groups are located in NYC, but every city and town have their own version. These groups saved my life and taught me everything that I needed to know about being a mom. I made my best friends by going to their lunch meeting sleep deprived. If I did nothing else in the first few months of my son's life, I got to at least one meeting a week. I lived for Tuesday afternoons at 1!
Your old friends are always going to be around. However it is very important to make friends with other moms who have children the same age as your new little one. It helps you keep your sanity to be able to talk to other moms going through the same things at the same times. For example, if your child recently had trouble pooping or just began applesauce, you will be very excited to talk about this. People that don't have children that age may listen to you for a minute, but will not want to listen to you for an hour. Another mom who has a baby that age will be more the happy to listen to you rant and rave about the new little things that your baby may or may not be doing.
You can never have too many friends!!!!


I was so surprised to learn how many first time parents do not know about gas and their infants.
Certain foods you eat when you breastfeed can make your baby have gas, as well as some formulas. But like adults, different things make different babies have gas. None of the typically gassy foods made either one of my children have a problem. It was always some typically non gassy food.
When you breast feed and your child has a gassy day, try and think about what you ate in the last 24 hours. Write it down and hang on to it. When your child has another gassy day, pull out that list of food and see if anything matches up. If not try the process again!
If you are formula feeding, you may need to change formulas if your child has several gassy days. But you should talk to your pediatrician about this.

When your child has gas, what do you do? How do you know they have gas? Usually children that are very young will cry when they have gas. They will make their body stiff. They may arch their back. They may put their feet up in the air. If you are not sure and your child is crying: lay them on your lap and crunch their legs up and down as if they were doing a reverse crunch, or move their legs like bicycle kicks, last (this works for burps and toots) lay the baby across your legs on their belly-then tap on their back like you are playing a drum! This presses their belly a bit for a toot and their back for a burp. Sometimes you have to try all three methods. Giving a baby Mylicon also helps with gas but will not work it out instantly like these methods. You may want to try everything if your baby is having a tough moment.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hi Everyone Out There.
I am a mom with a son and daughter. I love being a mom!
When I first became a mom I learned that my mom knew a lot more then I ever thought and that I had a lot to learn.
I also learned that my strong background with children had taught me a great deal more about child rearing then I ever thought. Many friends would ask me for advice and quite often I knew the answers.
When I had my second child, I realized that I needed to share what a knew with other new moms. I could not believe the basic things that other moms had no clue about.
Also, I could not believe how many first time moms were in the dark about what to expect after the baby come out. For example: with their body, or how to get simple gas out of their baby!

I was so lucky my mom was brutally honest with me. I am a planner. If I had not been aware of these things, I would have went into a depression!
I can't wait to get started...