Saturday, July 10, 2010

Constipation for Babies

Both of my children have had issues with constipation as infants. My son's issues came as he switched from breast milk to formula and my daughter seems to have been born constipated.

My son's issues seemed to be of the more typical kind, he just wasn't going. We tried prune juice and that seemed to work most of the time. The rare occasion that the prune juice did not work we would try a glycerin suppository.

My daughter's issues have been entirely different on the other hand. My daughter was solely breastfed and became constipated. She would go to the bathroom fine for the first half of the day, then she seemed to not go the second half of the day. She would have smelly gas and act like she was trying to push and nothing was coming out. She would not eat, she cried a lot and then when she went it would be like an explosion. Most breastfed kids poop after each feed, especially when they are really small. (I am not sure of the amount for formula fed kids).

The first thing I did was adjust my diet. I tried to drink a lot more water and eat as healthy as possible.
Then we tried: A tea spoon of dark brown sugar and 2 ounces of warn water-that did not work for her.
Next we tried prune juice at 6 weeks of age, 1oz, one time a day. That worked for a short time. Then we added it two times a day, that seemed to work for a while and as she got bigger we increased the amount to 2 ounces twice a day.
On occasion I would still have to give her a suppository.
At 6 months I have had to put her in miralax, this seems to be working at the moment.

She seems to be doing well. I am hoping she grows out of this soon. I guess as far as issues a baby can have, this seems to be no big deal. However when you are living it, these issues are all consuming with a baby that cannot talk. It keeps them and you up at night!

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