Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baby Items, What Do You Really Need?

A good friend of mine was having a baby and she asked me what I loved and thought she really needed. I have pasted the list below because I took great care into really looking at all the items that I actually used and like.

Places to look at besides babies r us:

stroller: city mini by baby jogger (best ever for folding, comfort and everything) city select is also nice, I have that now because it can be a double too! (I have had 5 strollers!)
Changing table
rocking chair or glider
baby hangers
7 a m Enfant, is the best bundle me to go over the stroller because it is good from infant-toddler. All the other ones you have to buy in every size.

Car seat- I have the graco safe seat (infant car seat) and its fine, not too sure of the other ones out there. I also have the (toddler seat) britax marathon, I like that too!
To cover car seat in winter, the best thing ever is called the kiddopotamus posh pouch or cozy up.

You definitely want the Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe, at least 3 of these. You will use it every night when you put the baby to bed.

Swing- I really love the Fisher Price Cradle Swing

Bouncer Seat- Fisher Price infant to Toddler Rocker

Monitor- movement and sound, angel care monitor

If you only have space for one thing, I would get the fisher price jumperoo, over the exersaucer.

I love the prince lionheart wipes warmer.

I like the diaper dikor trash can

Highchair- I love the svenn or the stoke, they are easier to clean and can be used for much longer.

As for pack and play, greco is fine but I actually hate them. You really don't need it unless you want the bassinet part and the changer part. I really like the Phil and Teds traveller bed, very easy to travel with, very small fold up and not heavy at all!

I also like the phil and teds lobster chair to travel with (if you get a squishy placemat you can even put it on a dining room table)

I like born free bottles and sippy cups, and avent passifyers

I would not register for any receiving blankets. I have never used one, especially in the summer. I would actually not register for any blankets bc people will buy them for you anyway.
I bought myself and love the aden and anais muslin blankets and sleep sacs all year!

Best diaper bags are the ones that wipe clean. DanteBeatrix wipes clean, fleurville and so does burberry, there are others but not a lot.

I have the bjorn with back support, it is fine. But a lot of my friends are in love with the ergo baby carrier. They claim it is 100 times better.

I really like the Eurobath, it is good till toddler age.

You need to get sheet savers, 2
Crib mattress pad, 2
At least 4 crib sheets (in case your kids spits up a lot.)
Changing table pad covers, about 3
You need a mobile from about 4 weeks on they can see them. Fisher price and tiny love make good ones.
Fisher price makes great crib toys, the baby can use it from sitting up-any age.
A gym play mat
sleep gowns are great for infant sleeping
packs of onesies
packs of socks--trumpet are so cute
a cool mist humidifier
ear and butt thermometer
diaper cream, I like A&D with and without zinc
nasal aspirator
nail clippers and baby file
medicine dropper and syringe
breast feeding cover
brush and comb
lotion-I love california baby items
baby soap
gripe water
infant tylenal
saline nose drops
medela-pump in style, advanced double electric breast pump
hands free pump bra (at 1800 diapers or online)
lansinoh cream
avent breast pads
breast milk storage bags
crib wedge
sleep sac, you use this instead of a blanket

I didn't use Dreft, I used tide all the time but I do love the smell of method squeeky green baby detergent, now I use that.
I never used a bottle brush. I put everything in the dishwasher.
I really like pampers because the stretch. But huggies overnight diapers when they fit into a size 3.
Huggies wipes, I like the smell and texture

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