Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Your Baby At Week 3, Reflux & Colic

No one had ever told me that your baby seems to wake up at week 3. My son must have been the perfect baby and I did not know it.

When my daughter was 3 weeks old she was out of control. At this point I was too tired to read any of the books on the market and needed information fast. I was sorry I did not take the time before the baby came out to read all the books in Barns and Knoble but who ever has all of that time. I skimmed what I could at this point.
From process of elimination over many weeks we found out that she had both reflux and colic. Lucky Me!!! My pediatrician told me that these two things can begin as early as week three in a babies life.
This is what I learned:

-They have many of the same symptoms

-Reflux happens often and does not mean that your child is spitting up.
They can even just arch their back and make their body stiff and straight.
It does seem to bother them most at night but does affect the baby all day as well.
The baby often keeps trying to eat, they think this makes them feel better.
Also, all babies spit up! A reflux spit up smells like throw up. The baby is usually not a happy spitter.
Sleeping in a swing helps or just upright!
*If you have to put your child on meds for reflux, they are such a big help. If you do prevacid, get the solutabs. They work the best! Give them to the baby when he/she is flat on their back in a syringe. Shake the syringe and squirt a little, shake again and repeat. That is the best way to give the meds and they really do work 100% better then the liquid, the liquid separates and becomes not as effective.

-Colic happens at the same time every day!
Usually in the evening.
Almost nothing that you do will make it better.
You may will feel like you want to throw the baby out the window (this is normal BUT DO NOT DO THAT), so get help from everyone who offers and ask those that don't realize they need to offer.
Your partner should be involved 150%.
If you can afford a baby nurse, that is a big help.
Accept help from all family members and friends that offer.
You will try gripe water, mylicon, getting gas out, feeding, shushing....etc...
Nothing really helps 100% All methods help a little.
*If anyone out there really has a colic baby, let me know. I will give you a bullet point list of ideas to go through each night.

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