Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Swaddle or Not to Swaddle

There is no set amount of time to swaddle your baby. Usually the baby lets your know when they are done being swaddled by breaking out of it during the night.
The best swaddle blanket, that holds the tightest and lasts the longest is the Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe. It is better then just using a blanket and stronger then the miracle blanket.

I found out the second time around the reason for swaddleing-they should tell you this before you leave the hospital...
Besides the obvious reasons, making the baby feel safe and warm, like it is still inside.
Swaddleing keeps the babies hands down and controlled. Babies do not have all their reflexes in check when they are born and move while sleeping. Babies tend to actually hit themselves in the face and wake themselves up. When swaddled, they sleep better and longer.
And, don't be afraid to swaddle tightly!

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  1. Oh the swaddle - that seems so long ago! (My baby girl will be turning 2 this Fall)

    Welcome to the crazy world of blogging! Be careful, it's pretty addictive. :)