Thursday, July 22, 2010

Newborn, Day & Night Confusion

Many newborns mix up day and night sleep. You can avoid this for the most part but not always altogether. Here are some simple tips: Wake babies (very new ones) in the day to eat.
Never wake them at night!!!!
Do try and play with them, talk to them and be noisy around them in the day.
Have the baby nap during the day in a place other then the night time bed until day and night is 100% established.
Do wake the baby to go out and live life during the day.

Establish a night routine with your baby as soon as possible. A good pattern is to bath baby, dress baby for night with low lights, feed baby in bedroom (maybe sing to baby), burp baby and put in crib asleep or even if baby is still awake! It is never too early for them to learn to put themselves to sleep.
Infants between the age of 0-4 mons generally look to go to bed between 8-10 pm, infants 4 mons and older look to go to bed between 6-8pm, this is their body clock! If you want a nice life don't mess with it until they are older, just so they are awake when your husband gets home from work!
When an infant wakes at night, smell them ( if they did not poop -don't change them!).
DO NOT TALK TO THEM!!!!!!! Try to not even make eye contact.
Do not put the TV on!
Do not take them out of the room that they are to be sleeping in!
Turn on as little light as possible. A nightlight is best!
Feed the baby, burp the baby and put them back in their bed.
If they cry, pick them up and smell them, burp them and put the baby back in bed.
Do not play with the baby!

If the days and nights are badly mixed this could take up to 2 weeks to fix. Otherwise a few days should do the trick.

Always use your mothers intuition! You know your baby best.

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